A month ago, Nancy and Tabitha stared bleakly into the future at the St. Theresa’s Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp in Yola (North Eastern Nigeria, which bore the brunt of the Boko Haram menace; see story here.

Tabita and Nancy

Today, my two cute friends have been enrolled into the Nursery at the St. Theresa’s Catholic School and are now looking into the future with renewed hope.


There are however, 2m other displaced people who need to be in school or learning a skill.

Education is the sure way to invest and secure our collective future.

Imagine ‘turning lose’ two million kids with no education or skills to fend for themselves into the emptiness that was the life they used to know. They could become our future nemesis.


Let us join hands to sow good seeds today to reap a bountiful and secure future. Sponsor an IDP child today. Do not wait for the government or somebody else. You too can make a difference (you can reach Fr. Maurice on +2347085172358 or kwairangafrmaurice@gmail.com).

Austin Okere is the Founder of CWG Plc, the largest Systems Integration Company in Sub-Saharan Africa & Entrepreneur in Residence at CBS, New York. Austin also and serves on the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Innovation and Intrapreneurship